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xmLibris is distributed as free software under the General Public Licence, GNU. The software was programmed using Java, and its administration and consult systems use JSPs. All the information is stored in a XML database. The current database is eXist, which is one of the best alternatives for public XML databases. Both xmLibris and eXist are deployed in an application server such as Apache Tomcat.

xmLibris' installation requires a technical employee since it has a Web server and, in most cases the network configuration is required. Therefore, it might require the network department's help for the collection to be visible outside the institution. Users inside and outside the institution require only a Web browser with a standard Internet connection to consult xmLibris, since everything is displayed using HTML.

In order to use xmLibris it is necessary to install in an application server the next contexts.

eXist Data Base
Administration and browsing
xm-libris.war (last version, january 2009).
xm-dist.war (evaluation version, march 2006).

Available documentation

Screen shots

1. Registering a book.

Navengando un libro

2. Book browsing.