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About xmLibris

xmLibris objective is to provide an alternative for online publication of antique collections. xmLibris is a good option for any size collections and has presented no trouble handling over 100 books (unlike its predecesor CIText). Consults and administration can be done through the Internet using a Web browser. Its design allows for a further flexibility in the book's structure. Information recorded for each book is also flexible and it is still possible to store minimum metadata or more detailed information as in cataloguing. For this purpose we have a XML native database and the data is recorded using XML; thus its name, xmLibris. It also includes a Web server and pages for consulting and navigating, using HTML and JavaScript.


Collection Administration

This component is responsible for image acquisition, text recognition and files' structure for the production of metadata. It comprises as well the recording of the metadata structure that describes the books.

Book Server

Constitutes the main module of the system and allows retrieving the stored books according to its structure for the administration, navigation and visualization services.

Information Retrieval Server

Search engine for the collection to find information about the text recognized from the images.

Interoperability Server (OAI)

The collections' metadata is shared through this server that uses the OAI-PMH protocol defined by the Open Archives initiative.

Collection Navigation Service

This service aids in the navigation over the collection and books' structure, and includes a search service for metadata and contents.

Collection Visualization Service

The books visualization service provides image structure and handling options.