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Star-fish is an interface that allows for the visualization, on a single screen, of all the resources available in the digital collections comprised by the Open Network of Digital Libraries (ONeDL).


This implementation uses SVG, which is an XML-based description language for 2D graphics. A freely available SVG plug-in is needed for visualizing collections with Star-fish using your web browser.
[Download free plug-in from Adobe]

[Use Star-fish]

Star-fish combines the starfields and fisheye visualization methods. While visualizing documents in a starfield, an area of interest can be selected and zoomed in to explore it while maintaining the overall context (fisheye). Then, after choosing a document of interest, you can explore its metadata and visualize its contents.

An extended description of Star-fish's approach is available in: Sánchez, J. A., Quintana, M. G., Razo, A. 2007. Star-fish: Starfields+fisheye visualization and its application to federateddigital libraries. Proceedings of the 3rd Latin American Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (CLIHC 2007, Nov.), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
[Available here]

Software developed by: Guadalupe Quintana

ICT | Rosa Paredes | July 11th, 2008