Salas multimediales de colaboración extendidas mediante Internet 2
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The Project

A multimedia collaboration room (MCRoom, or SMC after its initials in Spanish) is a physical workspace endowed with large interactive displays, videoconference equipment, video players and high-fidelity audio, wireless networking and reconfigurable furniture that enable diverse styles of group activities.

MCRooms may be used to support significant learning based on interactive experience, in scenarios where participants experiment and interact among each other or with resources designed specifically to benefit from the confluence of diverse technologies.

In order to realize these scenarios of advanced uses of MCRooms, we set out to develop methodologies, work groups, tools and applications to facilitate the construction of interactive resources, as well as to provide timely access to large collections and digital services, and to explore various learning strategies and collaboration styles among local and remote participants.

This project, termed “Multimedia Collaborative Classrooms extended via the Internet 2” (SMC-I2, addresses the aforementioned challenges by joining efforts, resources and experience of researchers from institutions that belong to CUDI (Universitary Corporation for the Internet Development).


The initial participant institutions of SMCi2 are:

  • Universidad de las Américas Puebla (UDLA)
  • Universidad de Guadalajara (UDG)
  • Universidad Veracruzana (UV)


Information generated by project members:


  • Schedules, minutes and other documents, see it.


  • Reports, advances, manuals and tutorials, see it.
  • Other information generated by a participant institute, see it.
  • Fall 2007 Report Guide (ppt), see it.
  • Fall 2007 Report, see it.
  • Final Report Guide, see it.
  • Project's budget derogation document, see it.



Related Projects :

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  • E-Acervos (Scientific and Technological Digital Collections)


  • e-Gnosis (Scientific and Technological Digital magazine)


  • SMCi2 Official Wiki

Announcements and Events

Final Report guide, see it.

SMC-i2's financial report document, seet it.

CUDI Spring 2008 Meeting at Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas.

NOTE: The deadline for submitting both the final report and the derogation document will be May 6th, 2008.



ICT Mayo 8, 2008 , Eduardo Ferrer