Collaborative Tagging Recommendations

REC is a software environment designed to generate recommendations of potentially useful web resources based on tags assigned by a community of users. REC implements the notion of "induced tagging", a technique devised to improve the effectiveness of social bookmarking for digital libraries by having a group of specialists tag resources as part of their job, in addition to tagging performed by the community. These specialists are knowledgeable both in the contents being tagged and in the needs and background of the user community. Finally, REC allows users to organize and share digital resources acording to their own categories.



A detailed description can be found in:

  • Sánchez, J. A., Valdiviezo, O., Aquino, E., Paredes, R. 2008. REC: Improving the utilization of digital collections by using induced tagging. Research in Computing Science 39, 83-93.
  • Sánchez, J. A., Arzamendi-Pétriz, A., and Valdiviezo, O. 2007. Induced tagging: promoting resource discovery and recommendation in digital libraries. In Proceedings of the 7th ACM/IEEE-CS Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (Vancouver, BC, Canada, June 18 - 23, 2007). JCDL '07. ACM, New York, NY, 396-397. [Learn more ]





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