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KBoard is a software environment developed to facilitate group work conducted in multimedia collaboration rooms. Specifically, KBoard has been designed to support the process of capturing knowledge duringgroup sessions in which interaction among participants is mediated by large interactive displays. We focus on two main requirements arising in this setting:

(1) Users need agile and unobtrusive means to persistently represent their ideas and build associations among them; and
(2) Users need to easily enter text without relying on conventional mouse and keyboard facilities.

KBoard addresses these needs by

(1) implementing the notion of multimedia workspaces that are built and inter-linked as discussion progresses and knowledge is shared by group members; and
(2) providing alternative QWERTY and pie-based virtual keyboards that speed up text input by reducing the distance from the input area to the characters being entered.

As per our preliminary evaluation of KBoard, this combination results in a powerful environment that facilitates knowledge capture and offers an appealing tool set to explore more fully the potential of large interactive displays and to promote the adoption of multimedia collaboration rooms to support creative group activities.

More information is available via the paper:

J. Alfredo Sánchez, Mahonri Garnica, Omar Valdiviezo, Rosa Paredes.
2008. KBoard: Knowledge capture in multimedia collaboration rooms.
Proceedings of the Mexican International Conference on Computer
Science (ENC 2008, Mexicali, BC).

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