With the emergence of groupware as a discipline of computer science, systems have been developed that support group work in multiple areas. Among these systems, the edition and cooperative review of text documents stands out . A study conducted in the U.S.A. reveals that out of 700 professionals who

......    spend  most  of their time in the creation of text documents, 87 % of them work in some kind of cooperative edition [Posner 1992]. As a result of these factors, there is a increasing number of groupware developers in the computation area.

This thesis presents the development of a co-authoring cooperative environment, which allows a better information management that can make the user's work easier. As a part of this project, the software is developed for the edition of treatments in the context of Floristic Digital Libraries (FDL). In the LINNEAUS prototype the theories of groupware, workflow, edition and colaborative review are integrated with the aim of automating the process of publishing FDL taxonomic treatments. 

LINNEAUS is a cooperative environment for the creation of taxonomic treatments, which integrate different tools such as a taxonomic editor, a reviewing system, an editor of morphologic description,  a system for recomendation of typical structures and a communication system (FDLM@). LINNEAUS attacks the problems that  this process presents.

Since  LINNEAUS is implemented as Java applet, it can be executed from any personal computer or workstation. For security reasons, the system type and the environment in which the system is developed must establish identification files and applet approval.

LINNEAUS it's an editor and administrative characteristics of the publication process of a taxonomic treatment, interacts with Illustra, a data base manager, which uses FDL. Then if LINNEAUS is developed in Java and uses Illustra, is necessary to establish communication protocol between both parts. To accomplish this, a mijdbc driver has been used, this provide the communication protocols among java and the data base manager.

About FDLM@, it had been develop with Swing and a new mail package (Javamail version 1.ob) which let free the development group of Java, this package provide the communication protocols and interpreters for the different types of mails.