PhD. in Systems Engineering from the University of Tokushima, Japan in March 1998. Doctoral Thesis: "Automatic Speech Recognition with the Parallel Cascaded Neural Network".

M.E. in Computer Science and Intelligent Systems from the University of Tokushima, Japan in 1995, working in the field of speech recognition using artificial neural networks.

B.E. in Computer Systems Engineering from the Universidad de las Americas, Puebla, Mexico (UDLAP) in 1992. Graduate Thesis: "Intelligent Buildings", focusing on the application of artificial intelligence techniques for the control of security in a building.

Tokushima University


Current Position:

Full-Time Professor at the
Department of Computing, Electronics, Physics and Innovation at the UDLA, in Cholula, Puebla.

Director of the TLATOA-Speech Technology Research Group.

Graduate Advisor of the Master Programm im Computer Science.

Member of the Research Group for Interactive and Cooperative Tecnologies.

Research Topics & Areas of Interest :

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