UDLA goes to the Garden (again!).

St. Louis, Mo., Summer 1998.  Since 1996, the Center for Botanical Informatics has been working on collaborative projects with the Laboratory of Interactive and Cooperative Technologies (ICT) of the Universidad de las Américas-Puebla, Mexico. Researchers from CBI and ICT are conducting joint work in the design and construction of a Floristic Digital Library, which will make botanical information resources widely available to the scientific community and the general public.

Researchers at ICT have been doing work in Mexico and also have visited their colleagues at CBI in St. Louis. This summer, four members of the ICT team are visiting CBI to review ongoing projects, obtain feedback from users and explore new collaboration opportunities. Dr. Alfredo Sánchez, ICT's director, César Flores, Assistant Researcher, and Lourdes Fernández and Adolfo Barceinas, advanced undergraduate students, will be working during the month of July at the CBI headquarters.

Ongoing collaborative projects include systems for the management of digitized cards containing botanical information, navigation of large information spaces organized from various taxonomic viewpoints, and environments that enhance user awareness and collaboration in digital libraries.

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Alfredo Sánchez