Conferencia Magistral

Accessibility and Universal Design of the Web

Judy Brewer
Web Accessibility Initiative
World Wide Web Consortium

The Web has become a key medium for access to education, employment,
commerce, and civic participation. It is crucial that the Web is accessible
to people with disabilities. Ms. Brewer will describe the work of the World
Wide Web Consortium (W3C) <> Web Accessibility Initiative
(WAI)<>, which brings together industry, disability
organizations, university-based research projects, and government to
develop accessibility solutions for the Web. WAI work includes ensuring
that the core technologies of the Web -- HTML, CSS, SMIL, XML, etc.--
support accessibility.

In May, 1999, the W3C released the "Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
1.0" <> as a W3C Recommendation. Many
organizations and several national governments have adopted these
guidelines for their own Web sites to ensure that Web users with
disabilities can access their sites. In many cases, these accessibility
solutions benefit other Web users as well. This presentation will introduce
a discussion on possibilities for promoting implementation of the
accessibility guidelines in the Mexican community, including an update on
discussions with the Coordinator of the Special Interest Group on
Comuputer-Mediated Interaction, a SIG of the Mexican Computer Society.
There will be an opportunity for continued informal discussion on
implementation and promotion of the guidelines later in the afternoon.

Taller de IMC en el ENC'99