Development Consortium: anyone. anywhere. In Latin America.

Seattle, Washington
March 31st - April 2nd, 2001

In the context of CHI 2001 (The CHI 2001 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems)

Format and Pre-meeting work

January 30th, 2001

Hello all again:

These notes concern the goals and format of our meeting in Seattle within CHI 2001.

If you tend to skip long messages :-)  PLEASE make sure you check at least point 7, which refers to pre-meeting work we need to make sure is done so we have a successful workshop.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

We look forward to working with you in Seattle.


- Cleotilde Gonzalez
- Alfredo Sanchez
CHI 2001 Development Consortium Co-chairs

1. Goals

As you may recall, the Consortium's main goals are:

+   to raise the awareness of the CHI community about the
   characteristics and the importance of the large user communities in
   Latin America,

+   to increase the participation of researchers from Latin America in
   defining future directions for HCI research,

+   to provide a forum for the discussion of recent developments and
   findings at research centers throughout Latin America,

+   to foster communication and collaboration among researchers from
   countries in Latin America.

2. Format

We really want to activate and promote HCI research in our region.

In order to accomplish this, we would like for our meeting to
produce very tangible results in the form of collaborative
project proposals with well-identified sources of funding.

As mentioned in the CFP, the meeting will be conducted in a 2-day
workshop format. We will have the opportunity to learn about HCI
efforts by researchers in our region.  We plan to have ample time for
presentation and discussion of ongoing projects during the first day of
the workshop.  Everyone should plan for 30-40 min presentations with
sufficient materials to convey the goals and accomplishments of ongoing
or planned HCI work and to address potential questions or concerns from
other participants. We will also hear about the various proposals to
foster HCI work in Latin America.  We will share ways we consider
key to financially support existing and proposed projects. Finally, we
will identify areas for collaboration and will work on specific
project proposals to be submitted to funding agencies.

As part of our work at the meeting, we need to produce a poster
summarizing our work and results which will be included in the
poster sessions at the main conference.

3. Participants

ACM SIGCHI is providing support for 10 participants selected by an
evaluation committee. However, the Development Consortium is open to
all parties interested in HCI R&D in Latin America, and to all parties
interested in working with Latin American partners or on Latin American
interface issues.

We encourage the participation of invited presentations.  So far, we
have received confirmation that ISTEC (the Ibero American Science and
Technology Education Consortium) will be sharing their experiences at
the Consortium.  We are trying to get other entities involved.

Active participants as well as observers are welcome.

4. Language

The meeting will be conducted in English. Spanish and Portuguese
are the native languages of most of our participants. English
should work well to communicate with everyone and to let observers
know they are welcome to our meeting. Also, we need to report
all results from the Consortium in English.

5. Dev Cons Website

All information related to our meeting will be made available through
our website at

6. Final Program of Activities

Coty and I will produce a detailed agenda for the Consortium as soon
as we have responses from invited participants.

7. Pre-meeting work

We think we can get the most from our meeting in Seattle if we can
accomplish a few things before getting there.

The following "homeworks" are for everyone: