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Accepted papers

Mpho Mohlameane and Nkqubela Ruxwana. The Use of Cloud Computing to Support Business Sustainability: A Case Study of South African SMEs
Joel Alfredo Amao Oliva and Yuriy Shkvarko. Spatially Adaptive Regularization for Feature Enhanced Imaging in Harsh Sensing Environments
Jose Tuxpan, Jesús David Torres Rodríguez and Juan Israel Yanez. Spatial Spectrum Pattern Estimation Based on the DEDR-TV Extended Approach for Fractional SAR Imagery Enhancement
I. N. Angulo-Sherman and D. Gutiérrez. Effect of different feedback modalities in the performance of brain-computer interfaces
Stewart R. Santos A., Gustavo D. Martín Del Campo B. and Josué Antonio López Ruíz. Intelligent Remote Sensing Image Post-Processing Via Two-Level Robust Adaptive Neural Network Computing
Hong-Soon Nam. A Robust Wind Estimation Scheme for Simple Tethersonde
Edgar F. Arriaga-Garcia, Raul E. Sanchez-Yanez and M. G. Garcia-Hernandez. Image Enhancement using Bi-Histogram Equalization with Adaptive Sigmoid Functions
Erika Hernández Rubio, Amilcar Meneses Viveros, Pedro M. Cortés Pérez, Sergio D. Hernández Zavala and Héctor M. Martínez Ríos. FLAP: Tool to generate CUDA code from sequential C code
Daniel Vázquez Sánchez, Erika Hernández Rubio, Elena Ruíz Ledesma and Amilcar Meneses Viveros. Student Role Functionalities Towards Learning Management Systems As Open Platforms Through Mobile Devices
Rubén Maldonado Lozano and Leticia Flores Pulido. Object Recognition and Path-Drawing for a Mobile Robot
De Jesus Guerrero-Turrubiates, Sheila Esmeralda Gonzalez-Reyna, Sergio
Eduardo Ledesma-Orozco and Juan Gabriel Avina-Cervantes
Pitch Estimation For Musical Note Recognition Using Artificial Neural Networks
Manh-Cuong Nguyen and Hang Nguyen. OFDM-CDMA Combination Method for Enhancing Voice Capacity over LTE
Chih-Yang Lin, Cheng-Hao Yeh and Chia-Hung Yeh. Real-time Vehicle Color Identification for Surveillance Videos
Gerardo Escobar, Manuel Jesus Lopez-Sanchez and Michael Hernandez-Gomez. A combined controller for a PV simulator
Felipe Trujillo-Romero, Santiago Omar Caballero Morales, Fermin Hugo Ramírez Leyva and Edgar Peralta-Sánchez. Direct Torque Control of a Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motor with Neural Networks
Martinez-Herrera, Luis Ledesma-Carrillo, Misael Lopez-Ramirez,
Sebastian Salazar-Colores, Eduardo Cabal-Yepez and Arturo Garcia-Perez
Gabor and the Wigner-Ville Transforms for Broken Rotor Bars Detection in Induction Motors
Angel Juan Sanchez Garcia, Homero Vladimir Rios Figueroa, Antonio Marin Hernandez and Hector Gabriel Acosta Mesa. Tracking and Prediction Motion of Segmented Regions Using the Kalman Filter
Cong Jin and Jie Song. Two Color Blind Robust Image Watermarking Schemes For Android Smart Phones
Alberto Hugo Deloya Vélez, Hugo Gustavo González Hernández and Bernardo Reyes Guerra. Attractor Reconstruction for Plethysmographic Biosignals
Hugo Moises Martinez, Juan Gerardo Avalos, Enrrique Escamilla and Juan Carlos Sánchez. FIR FILTERS USING ATOMIC WINDOW FUNCTIONS IMPLEMENTED ON THE DSP C6713
Geovanni Martinez, Patrick Lindner, Arne Bluma and Thomas Scheper. Accurate Segmentation of Single Isolated Human Insulin Crystals for In-Situ Microscopy
Fernando Bartolo Espiritu, Abraham Sanchez Lopez and Luis Josue Calva Rosales. Towards an improvement of software development process based on Software Architecture,Model Driven Architecture and Ontologies
Jose Roberto Perez Cruz and Saul Eduardo Pomares Hernandez. Temporal data alignment and association for event-streaming in ubiquitous environments based on fuzzy-causal dependencies
Jerome Leboeuf-Pasquier, Donald Carr-Finch, Arturo González Villa and Kevin Herrrera Burgos. Implementation of an embedded system on a TS7800 board for robot control
Alejandro Juárez Arellano, Cuauhtemoc Mancillas López and Luis Gerardo de La Fraga. Design of an Academic Microcontroller and its Application to Authenticated Encryption
Maria Margarita Gonzalez Ramirez, Juan Carlos Villamizar Rincon and Joseph Fernando Lopez Parade. LIQUID LEVEL CONTROL OF COCA-COLA BOTTLES USING AN AUTOMATED SYSTEM
César David Corona Arzola and Luis Gerardo de La Fraga. Processing Video Frames in iPad for Augmented Reality Applications
Marlen Alexis González Reyna, Julián Estudillo Ayala, Roberto Rojas Laguna and Everardo Vargas-Rodríguez. Experimental
analysis of the Interaction between Modulation Instability and
Stimulated Raman Scattering in short lengths of Optical Fibers
Mario Reyes Ayala and Hildeberto Jardon Aguilar. Dielectric Loaded Short Standard Conical Horns for Fixed Satellite Applications
Carlos Eric Galván-Tejada, Juan Pablo García-Vázquez and Ramon Brena. Natural or Generated Signals for Indoor Location Systems? An Evaluation in Terms of Sensitivity and Specificity
Oscar Alonso Ramírez, Antonio Marin Hernandez, Devy Michel and Fernando Montes. Indoor Home Furniture Detection with RGB-D Data for Service Robots
Luis Javier Morales-Mendoza, Mario Gonzalez-Lee, Efren Morales-Mendoza, Silverio Pérez-Cáceres, Yuriy Shmaliy and Oscar G Ibarra-Manzano. Deduction of the Impulse Response of the p-step UFIR Filter using kth Moments
Ana Maria Miguelena, Guillermo De Jesús Hoyos Rivera and Antonio Marin Hernandez. Garabato: A proposal of a Sketch-Based Image Retrieval System for the Web
Richard Torrealba Melendez, Jose Luis Olvera Cervantes and Alonso Corona Chavez. Resolution Improvement of an UWB Microwave Imaging Radar System Using Circular Polarization
Jorge I. Galván-Tejada, José M. Celaya-Padilla, Victor Treviño and José G. Tamez-Peña. Knee Osteoarthritis Pain Prediction from X-ray Imaging: Data from Osteoarthritis Initiative.
Jayro Santiago-Paz and Deni Torres. Characterization of worm attacks using Entropy, Mahalanobis distance and K-Nearest Neighbors
Everardo Barcenas, Antonio Benitez, Jorge de La Calleja, María Auxilio Medina Nieto and Jorge Rios Martinez. Reasoning about the Past on Temporal Specifications for Motion Planning
J. Ruben Delgado-Contreras, Juan Pablo Garcia-Vazquez and Ramon Brena. Classification of Environmental Audio Signals Using Statistical-Time-Frecuency Features
Santiago Omar Caballero Morales. Development of Motion Models for Writting of the Spanish Alphabet on the Humanoid Bioloid Robotic Platform
Elizabeth Sartillo, José Crispín Hernández and Rafael Ordoñez. Maximum
Expectation Algorithm and Neuronal Network base radial applied to the
estimate of an environmental variable, evapotranspiration in a green
Osvaldo Gutiérrez, Alejandro Serna-Domínguez, Ismael de La Rosa, Jesús Villa and Efrén González. Matlab Graphic User Interface for image segmentation using Markov random fields and entropy estimation with parallel processing
Jose Cruz Nunez, Jose Cárdenas, José Alejandro Galaviz Aguilar, Christian Gontrand, Benoit Goral and Jacques Verdier. Measure-based modeling and FPGA Implementation of RF Power Amplifer using a multi-layer perceptron neural network
Alejandro Lopez Rincon and Omar Lopez Rincon. Evaluating the Effort in the Muscle for a Video Game Controller Using Surface EMG
Maikel Leyva, Karina Pérez Teruel and Robert I. John. A Model for Enterprise Architecture Scenario Analysis based on Fuzzy Cognitive Maps and OWA Operators
D. Karina Trejo T., María Auxilio Medina Nieto, Jorge De La Calleja, J. Alfredo Sánchez and Érika A. Martínez M.. An approach to visualize unorganized collections of documents
Yasir Hafeez and Sadia Sultana. A Hybrid Model by Integrating Agile Practices for Pakistani Software Industry