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Accepted papers

Paper ID Title
37 Synthesis and Characterization of CBD-CdSNanospheres
18 Design of Matrix Irradiation System for External Tissue Phototeraphy
36 Development of a Magnetic Control System for an Electric Wheelchair Using the Tongue
1 Reconstruction of Remote Sensing Imagery Via Fused Multimode Neural Network Computing
2 High-Resolution Recovery of Spatial Reflectivity Maps in Harsh Remote Sensing Scenarios
3 System to Monitor Temperature and Humidity in the Foot-shoe Interface
4 Development of a Phototherapy System with a Pulse Oximetry Module as an Element for Tissue Oxygen Measurement
5 A 3rd Order OTA-C low pass filter for W-CDMA Standard Applications in zero-IF Receiver
6 A Performance Comparison of Elliptic Curve Scalar Multiplication Algorithms on Smarthphones
8 Application of Higher Order Spectral Analysis for Faults Detection in Induction Motors
9 Analysis of Air Quality Data in Mexico City with Clustering Techniques Based on Genetic Algorithms
10 Spectral Analysis for Identifying Faults in Induction Motor by Means of Sound
11 Using the EKV Model to Describe the DC Operation in Weak Invertion of the Multiple-Input FGMOS Transistor
12 Design and Implementation of a FLC for CD-CD Converters Using a Microcontroller for PV Systems
15 Energy Consumption in Mobile Computing
27 Design of Interactive Museographic Exhibits Using Augmented Reality
34 LQR Control for a Quadrotor using Unit Quaternions: Modeling and Simulation
38 Forecasting Mexican Inflation using Neural Networks
38 Structure Identification and Adaptive Control of Neuro-Fuzzy Systems by a Non-parametric Regression Technique
40 Virtual Instrument for Electrical Capacitance Tomography
44 Modeling a Biped Robot on Matlab/SimMechanics
46 Monitoring Driving Habits Using an Automotive CAN Network
49 Automatic Speech Recognition of the Mixtec Language: An Ubiquitous Computing Application
53 Strategies For Energy Management In Industrial Microgrids With A Local Cogeneration Approach
54 Application of Contextual QR Codes to Augmented Reality Technologies
59 Searching Research Papers Using Clustering and Text Mining
61 Crack Detection in Steel Using a GMR-based MFL Probe with Radial Magnetization
66 Design Constraints for Low Distortion OTA’s in On-Chip Analog Front-Ends
67 Finite-differences Software for the Numeric Analysis of a Non-destructive Electromagnetic System
68 Using Heat Maps for Studying User Preferences in Vertical and Horizontal Multitouch Surfaces
70 Design and Construction of a Mini-robot with Terrestrial Locomotion
21 Design and Control of a Mechatronic System for the Homogenization of Compost in Anaerobic Digesters
32 Noisy Data Fitting with B-splines Using Hierarchical Genetic Algorithm
35 Specification of Manufacturing Systems Controllers Using the Standard IEC61499
7 Automated Modeling of Reactive Discrete Event Systems from External Behavioral Data
17 Analysis of Electromagnetic Interference in an Analog Control Circuit
28 Crack Detection by Image Analysis by a Hex-piderix Robot
29 Facial Expressions Based in Emotions for Virtual Agents
30 FPGA-based Video System for Real Time Moving Object Detection
42 Video game: Tlaxcala, The Origin
47 Dynamic Passive Biped Robot Simulation Based on Virtual Gravity Using Matlab
48 Design and Implementation of a Robust Wireless Sensor Network
52 Percolation by Links Applied to the Minimum Spanning Tree Problem
55 Anthropomorphic Robotic System with 6 DOF for Space positioning in the Virtual Reality Applications for Human Machine Interaction
57 Towards a Semantic Social Network
60 Swarm Intelligence Based Energy Saving Greedy Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
65 pH and Temperature of High Precision with an Acquisition Data Card
69 3D Data Sensing for Hand Pose Recognition
45 Switching Techniques for Brushless DC Motor
14 Analysis for the Design of Open Applications on Mobile Devices